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6 Tips to Get Over your Fear of the Dentist

Sones Family Dental

Tell your dentist about your fears.

It’s not uncommon for patients with dental anxiety to be so embarrassed that they don’t even share it with the number one person who needs to know. Remember, though, that your dentist has very likely encountered dental phobias before with other patients. Telling your dentist about your phobia will ensure that they can take the appropriate steps to accommodate your needs.

Get to know your dentist.

For many people, one of the most frightening parts of visiting the dentist is the thought of a scary, masked figure looming over them. However, it’s important to remember that underneath the white coat, your dentist is a real human being, just like everyone else. It may be a good idea to schedule an appointment simply to meet your dentist, discuss your fears, and get to know him or her. Recognizing your dentist as a real person will help you feel calmer when you see them beneath their medical mask.

Familiarize yourself with the tools.

It’s human nature to be afraid of sharp, pointy things—especially when they’re going in your mouth! Ask your dentist if it’s possible to hold each tool before your procedure so you can familiarize yourself with it. A good dentist will be understanding of your phobia and happy to explain what each tool is used for. You can also read up on various dental instruments online.

Establish a signal.

Before your procedure, set up a signal with your dentist, such as raising your hand, which will tell him or her to stop immediately. Being able to communicate any discomfort to your dentist will help calm your anxiety.

Remember that times have changed.

The world of dentistry is rapidly changing. If you fear the dentist due to a traumatizing incident you experienced as a child, remember that your early dental visits happened before many advancements in pain-free dentistry. New dental products and procedures are being developed every day, and you may be afraid of a procedure that isn’t even performed anymore.

5 Tips for a Healthy Mouth this Summer!

Sones Family Dental

Summer is back in full swing-warm weather, outdoor activities, all the goodness of this time of year. Even in the midst of all our summer activities, we can’t forget the importance of oral health. Follow along with us as we share with you 5 summer tips for healthy teeth!

Tip #1: Drink Water

For most, this sounds simple. Our bodies are made up of 60% water. With temperatures rising, it’s good to replenish the water that we are sweating out; but water is actually really good for our teeth, too. First, it fights against dry mouth. When your saliva runs low, you’re more at risk for tooth decay. Drinking water is the best solution to dry mouth. Drinking water also helps to keep your mouth clean with every sip. It helps to wash away bacteria that could lead to cavities. The takeaway from all this? Drink A LOT water this summer.

Tip #2: Choose Tap

We just learned that drinking water is very good for our oral health. Here’s the kick, tap water is even better! Tap water contains a mineral called fluoride, which is very good for our teeth. Fluoridated water helps to protect against caries (teeth erosion) and cavities. Experts say that drinking water that contains fluoride is actually the best and most cost efficient ways to protect your teeth against caries.

Tip #3: Skip the Bubbles

I think it’s safe to assume that most of us know that soda is bad for us. The amount of sugar in soda is so high that it can lead to cavities and even diabetes after time. The caffeine in soda has been linked to causing cancer. The phosphoric acid in soda eats at the lining in your stomach and can even lead to osteoporosis. It also causes dehydration, which can lead to dry mouth. All of these things are really bad, but it’s even worse on your teeth. The high levels of acid and sugar in soda is a recipe for disaster for your teeth. They strip away the enamel on your teeth, leaving them vulnerable to cavities and tooth decay. If the last three weeks have taught us anything, it’s that water is the go-to drink this summer.

Tip #4: Use a Straw

If you just can’t stay away from carbonated drinks, use a straw. By drinking out of a straw rather than sipping, it limits the contact your teeth will have with the acidity and sugar. Also, drinking through a straw creates a vacuum, which actually helps you consume the drink faster. Faster is better when it comes to soda because that means less time to be on your teeth.

Tip #5: Drink Tea

Tea has so many positive health benefits. It contains antioxidants that can improve brain function, increase weight loss, and can prevent cancer. Tea is also great for your teeth! It contains bacteria that suppress the rate at which bad mouth germs grow. This slows down the process of cavities and tooth decay.

You’re ready to have a healthy mouth this summer! Have a happy and healthy summer from all of us here at Sones Family Dental!

4 options for choosing a toothbrush

Sones Family Dental

1. Bristle firmness

Soft-bristle brushes are recommended by dentist. Unless your dentist suggest otherwise, look for the brushes labeled "soft" on the package.

2. Bristle shape

Look at the ends of the bristles on your toothbrush. Are they rounded or blunt? This small detail may seem obsolete, but it makes the world of difference to your gums. Pick a toothbrush that has rounded bristles- they are less likely to damage you gum tissue. 

3. Handle design

Comfort is key here. Choose a handle that feels good to you.  When picking a toothbrush for your child, however, remember that brushes with large handles are usually easier for children to hold on to.

4. Electric toothbrushes

Electronic toothbrushes work just as well as manual ones, just as long as they are used properly. These types of brushes could be particularly useful to people who have a hard time reaching all angles of their mouth or brushing for two minutes with a manual toothbrush.


Consider these options and consult with your dentist about which toothbrush is right for you. 

3 ways to have a good Thanksgiving

Sones Family Dental

1. Be you

On this holiday, so many people try to portray themselves as the person they think others want them to be. This leaves many people feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or not good enough. Just be yourself, and your family and friends will notice. The best way to be truly happy is to just be yourself! 

2. Focus on the good

Often times when we want things to be perfect, something goes wrong, leaving us to focus on the negative. Today is a day to give thanks, so try focusing on all the good things this holiday season.

3. Laugh and smile often

Holidays are a great time to get together with friends and family that you may not see all the time. Enjoy the time with loved ones, and soak up all the happiness this holiday has to offer.


Happy Thanksgiving from Sones Family Dental!

5 options for choosing a toothpaste

Sones Family Dental

1. Anti-cavity

Today, almost all toothpaste options contain fluoride- the anti-cavity substance. Fluoride helps to prevent decay and to strengthen tooth enamel.

2. Anti-gingivitis

Unsure if you suffer from gingivitis? If your gums suffer from redness and bleeding, then you may have it. Going to your dentist is the best way to diagnose and treat this mild form of gum disease. If you do suffer from it, or are trying to prevent yourself from having it, trying using this toothpaste. This toothpaste is made to help reduce the oral bacteria that causes it and to actively stop it at the source.

3. Desensitizing

Have you ever taken a sip of hot coffee or a bit of ice cream and automatically felt sharp, shooting pain in your teeth or gums? If you simply have sensitive teeth, and no underlying issue, this type of toothpaste may help. This toothpaste helps to reduce pain by blocking the tooth's pain signals to the nerves. In doing so, your teeth could become less bothered by extreme temperatures. 

4. Tartar-control

As the name suggests, this toothpaste aids in the prevention of tartar buildup- AKA hardened plaque. Even though a professional dental cleaning is the only way to remove all existing tartar and bacteria, this toothpaste is helpful in slowing the buildup of new tartar.

5. Whitening

Whitening toothpaste contains special chemicals made to remove surface stains on your teeth. 


No matter what toothpaste option you choose, be sure to consult with your dentist to check if it is the right fit for you. 

4 reasons why you should smile every day

Sones Family Dental

1. Smiling can help reduce stress. 

If we're all honest with ourselves, we all have stress in our lives that needs to be reduced. One easy way to do that is to smile! People who smile more often experience a substantial reduction in heart rate and quicker stress recovery. 

2. Smiling can boost productivity.

Putting a smile on your face at work has proven to be very beneficial. Researchers have found that happiness has a profound effect on workplace moral and productivity. 

3. Smiling can make you seem more trustworthy.

Psychologically, researchers have found that a person who is smiling appears to be more trustworthy than a person who is frowning or has a neutral expression, So, if you're needing to close that deal or land that job, try smiling. It might just work. 

4. Smiling can make you more approachable. 

When dealing with customers, smiling could be most beneficial to you. Studies have shown that workers who smile often lead their customers and partners to think that they are more likable and more competent.  


By choosing to smile, happy changes start to occur automatically, both internally and externally.

Great power lies in a random smile, so long as you choose to share it with the world.