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Solutions for Dental Implants Part 3



Solutions for Dental Implants Part 3

Sones Family Dental

Removable Dentures:

While removable dentures may not be the best option for everyone, they still have rang tried and true for almost 200 years. They can provide a natural looking smile for people who have lost their teeth. When all your teeth are lost, your face begins to sink in, making you look older. However, removable dentures can fill out your face, preventing bone loss and making you appear younger. In addition, removable dentures help people do things that most take for granted, like eating and talking. With proper maintenance and care, removable dentures could be a wonderful solution to your problem.

If you think removable dentures may be the right decision for you, give us a call!



Thank you so much for following along with our June series, Solutions for Dental Implants. If any of these options seem right for you or someone you know, please don’t hesitate to call our office.

Be sure to stay tuned for our July series!