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5 Tips for Cold and Flu Season

Sones Family Dental

As we head into the most brutal part of winter, cold and flu season is among us. This list will give you 5 ways to better prepare and conquer cold and flu season.

1. Brush Well and Often

Your oral health is a big contributor to your overall health. Remember to keep brushing and flossing regularly.

2. Drink a lot of Liquid

Make sure to stay hydrated because you body will need extra fluid to fight off any infections or bacteria. Dry mouth also becomes a big problem when you do not consume enough liquid, and can lead to cavities and even gum disease. This cold and flu season, load up on water, soup, and sugar-free juice to keep your mouth and body happy and healthy. 

3. Toss the Brush

If you become sick, throw away your old toothbrush once your back to normal. It is important to replace your toothbrush because it can harbor bad bacteria that can easily make you sick again.

4. Gargle with Salt Water

Gargling with warm water and salt can help to cut down on the bacteria in your mouth and helps to eliminate the bacteria that causes sore throats. 

5. Choose Sugar-free Medicine 

If you do become sick and receive medication for it, ask for sugar-free medication. Many cough drops and cough syrups are loaded with sugar to make them taste better. Having sugary cough drops in your mouth for so long can do some real damage to your teeth and gums.

I hope you learned some helpful tips for staying happy and healthy this cold and flu season! 

3 Sugar-free Christmas Treats to Try This Year

Sones Family Dental

Christmas would not be complete without an enticing dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth. Luckily, you don’t have to rely on the highly fattening and very unhealthy sugar to satisfy your cravings. This could help to provide your teeth with an escape from the all the sugar that comes with the holiday season.

1. Sugar-free Gingerbread Men

You may be thinking, how can you make gingerbread men without brown sugar? Use erythritol instead of sugar and almond flour to give it that sweetness that makes the cookie so good. 

2. Sugar-free Peanut Butter Cups

Make them how you normal would, but replace the ingredients with sugar-free ones! Try using sugar-free cocoa powder and sugar-free vanilla extract to get all the chocolatey-goodness with none of the guilt.

3. Sugar-free Eggnog 

It wouldn't be Christmas without a little eggnog! Try replacing the egg with cashew soaked in milk for that same consistency of sweet, sugary eggnog.

The holiday season doesn't have to be bland for all those who cannot eat sugar or those who choose not to. Try some of the recipes; your teeth will thank you!

3 Ways to Protect Your Sensitive Teeth

Sones Family Dental

57% of patients deal with sensitive teeth, so don't think you're alone in this. Combating sensitive teeth could be as easy as following these 3 simple steps. Follow along to see 3 different things you could try to reduce your sensitivity!

1. Strengthen your enemal

Your enamel is your tooth's first defense against plaque and decay. Try using a fluoride-rich toothpaste to help strengthen your enamel and combat sensitivity.  

2. Preventative care

Sensitive teeth could be a sign of tooth decay. Make sure you are keeping up with your regular dentist appointments so that hopefully, your problems can be detected and taken care of as soon as possible.

3. Skip whitening

 If you are someone who loves to whiten their teeth at home, you may need to tap the brakes here. At home whitening kits often contain chemicals that break down enamel and the nerves in your teeth. Try stirring clear of foods and beverages that will stain your teeth and try professional whitening services instead.

4 Ways to Keep your New Year's Resolutions!

Sones Family Dental

Research suggests approximately 40 percent of U.S. adults will resolve to change their lives in some way come January 1.It's no secret that most new year's resolutions don't make it to February. This list will give you some helpful hints to staying on track all year long. 

1. Write down your goals

When you physically write something down, you have a 46% better chance of remembering to it. Also, writing it down is a way to solidify something in your brain. Try making a vision board for 2018. Put pictures of what you want to accomplish and have fun with it!

2. Track your progress

If you're trying to lose weight or just live a healthier life style, write down how many calories you're taking in. Or, write down whenever you do exercise. Or, start a weight-loss log. Progress is progress, no matter how little or how much. Remember that. 

3. Be held accountable

Having an accountability partner is a great way to stay on track! Letting someone else know what you wish to accomplish and having them hold you accountable is sometimes the best way to reach your goals.

4. Have fun

Some people just dive head in and don't let themselves enjoy life, and then end up ditching their resolutions.  It is good to transform yourself into a better person, but don't beat yourself for slipping a little. We're only human, and we like to enjoy yourselves. 


4 Dental Christmas Sweaters That Make Us Smile

Sones Family Dental

If you're attending a Christmas Sweater party, looking for a dental-related gift, or just trying to stay warm this winter, check out these fun holiday sweaters!


This shirt inspires us to floss, which is important to remember this holiday season!                                                                                      $39.95 from Papboutique                                         


shirt 2.jpg

Simple, yet representational of both Christmas and Dentistry!                $18.95 from Foavy

shirt 3.jpg

This tee is great because who doesn't love teeth made to look like reindeer?!                                                                                          $23.99 from Teespring

shirt 4.jpg

This tee is cute enough to make anyone smile!                                        $27.99 from teespring

4 options for choosing a toothbrush

Sones Family Dental

1. Bristle firmness

Soft-bristle brushes are recommended by dentist. Unless your dentist suggest otherwise, look for the brushes labeled "soft" on the package.

2. Bristle shape

Look at the ends of the bristles on your toothbrush. Are they rounded or blunt? This small detail may seem obsolete, but it makes the world of difference to your gums. Pick a toothbrush that has rounded bristles- they are less likely to damage you gum tissue. 

3. Handle design

Comfort is key here. Choose a handle that feels good to you.  When picking a toothbrush for your child, however, remember that brushes with large handles are usually easier for children to hold on to.

4. Electric toothbrushes

Electronic toothbrushes work just as well as manual ones, just as long as they are used properly. These types of brushes could be particularly useful to people who have a hard time reaching all angles of their mouth or brushing for two minutes with a manual toothbrush.


Consider these options and consult with your dentist about which toothbrush is right for you. 

3 ways to have a good Thanksgiving

Sones Family Dental

1. Be you

On this holiday, so many people try to portray themselves as the person they think others want them to be. This leaves many people feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or not good enough. Just be yourself, and your family and friends will notice. The best way to be truly happy is to just be yourself! 

2. Focus on the good

Often times when we want things to be perfect, something goes wrong, leaving us to focus on the negative. Today is a day to give thanks, so try focusing on all the good things this holiday season.

3. Laugh and smile often

Holidays are a great time to get together with friends and family that you may not see all the time. Enjoy the time with loved ones, and soak up all the happiness this holiday has to offer.


Happy Thanksgiving from Sones Family Dental!

5 options for choosing a toothpaste

Sones Family Dental

1. Anti-cavity

Today, almost all toothpaste options contain fluoride- the anti-cavity substance. Fluoride helps to prevent decay and to strengthen tooth enamel.

2. Anti-gingivitis

Unsure if you suffer from gingivitis? If your gums suffer from redness and bleeding, then you may have it. Going to your dentist is the best way to diagnose and treat this mild form of gum disease. If you do suffer from it, or are trying to prevent yourself from having it, trying using this toothpaste. This toothpaste is made to help reduce the oral bacteria that causes it and to actively stop it at the source.

3. Desensitizing

Have you ever taken a sip of hot coffee or a bit of ice cream and automatically felt sharp, shooting pain in your teeth or gums? If you simply have sensitive teeth, and no underlying issue, this type of toothpaste may help. This toothpaste helps to reduce pain by blocking the tooth's pain signals to the nerves. In doing so, your teeth could become less bothered by extreme temperatures. 

4. Tartar-control

As the name suggests, this toothpaste aids in the prevention of tartar buildup- AKA hardened plaque. Even though a professional dental cleaning is the only way to remove all existing tartar and bacteria, this toothpaste is helpful in slowing the buildup of new tartar.

5. Whitening

Whitening toothpaste contains special chemicals made to remove surface stains on your teeth. 


No matter what toothpaste option you choose, be sure to consult with your dentist to check if it is the right fit for you. 

4 reasons why you should smile every day

Sones Family Dental

1. Smiling can help reduce stress. 

If we're all honest with ourselves, we all have stress in our lives that needs to be reduced. One easy way to do that is to smile! People who smile more often experience a substantial reduction in heart rate and quicker stress recovery. 

2. Smiling can boost productivity.

Putting a smile on your face at work has proven to be very beneficial. Researchers have found that happiness has a profound effect on workplace moral and productivity. 

3. Smiling can make you seem more trustworthy.

Psychologically, researchers have found that a person who is smiling appears to be more trustworthy than a person who is frowning or has a neutral expression, So, if you're needing to close that deal or land that job, try smiling. It might just work. 

4. Smiling can make you more approachable. 

When dealing with customers, smiling could be most beneficial to you. Studies have shown that workers who smile often lead their customers and partners to think that they are more likable and more competent.  


By choosing to smile, happy changes start to occur automatically, both internally and externally.

Great power lies in a random smile, so long as you choose to share it with the world.

4 Reasons to Floss Regularly Part 4

Sones Family Dental

4. Your Teeth Will Stay Stronger

Cavities are pretty bad, but they can get worse. Try having a cavity in between two teeth, it’s horrible. Lots of extra pain and work go into fixing a cavity between two teeth, but it can be done. By removing the built-up bacteria in those hard to reach places by flossing regularly, you can save yourself from having to go under the drill.

Part 4 of 4

Thanks so much for following along with this month's series! We hope you learned some great information to take back to your home and to share with your friends. Stay tuned for next month's blog post every Wednesday at noon!

4 Reasons to Floss Regularly Part 3

Sones Family Dental

3.   Healthy Gums = Healthy Body

As we know, many diseases and other health problems are often linked to another health problem in the body. For example, Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and even respiratory disease have all been linked to gum disease. Maintaining your gum health by flossing regularly can help cut the risk of these diseases. And, if you already suffer from any of these problems, flossing regularly may help to improve your conditions.

Part 3 of 4

Stay tuned for the final part of our series next Wednesday at noon!